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The Charm of Three Cities

In the southern part of Japan's main island, Honshu, lies a trio of cities that offer visitors a unique cultural experience. The cities of Miyoshi, Mihara, and Imabari are collectively known as "三原 今治 バス" or "San-yuan Imabari Bus." Each of the cities has its own charm, making it worth exploring.

Exploring Miyoshi

Miyoshi, the first city on the bus route, is known for its scenic beauty. The city is home to the Taishakukyo Gorge, where visitors can enjoy hiking trails, waterfalls, and stunning views of the valley. The Miyoshi Mononoke Museum is another popular attraction, showcasing the folklore of the region.

Discovering Mihara

Mihara, the second city on the bus route, is a historic town that has preserved its traditional atmosphere. The city's castle ruins are a must-visit, offering visitors a glimpse of the samurai era. The Mihara City Museum of History and Folklore is another popular attraction, showcasing the city's history and culture.

Uncovering Imabari

Imabari, the last city on the bus route, is known for its textile industry. The city's towels are famous throughout Japan and are a popular souvenir for visitors. The Imabari Towel Museum is a must-visit attraction, showcasing the history and production of the city's towels. The city is also home to the Imabari Castle, a National Historic Site that offers stunning views of the city.

Getting Around with San-yuan Imabari Bus

San-yuan Imabari Bus is an easy and convenient way to explore these three cities. The bus runs daily, and visitors can purchase a one-day pass that allows them to hop on and off the bus at any of the designated stops. The pass also includes discounts for popular attractions and restaurants in the cities.

Experience the Local Cuisine

One of the best ways to experience the culture of the region is through its cuisine. Each of the three cities on the bus route has its own specialty dishes. Miyoshi is known for its soba noodles, Mihara for its oysters, and Imabari for its seafood. Visitors can try these dishes at local restaurants or at food stalls in the cities.

Shopping for Souvenirs

Visitors can also shop for souvenirs in each of the three cities. Miyoshi is known for its woodworking and pottery, Mihara for its samurai swords and traditional crafts, and Imabari for its towels and textiles. Visitors can purchase these items at local shops or at souvenir stalls in the cities.

Enjoying the Local Festivals

Each of the three cities on the bus route has its own unique festivals. Miyoshi's Taishakukyo Gorge Festival in autumn is a must-see, featuring fireworks and traditional performances. Mihara's Oyster Festival in winter is another popular event, offering visitors a chance to sample the city's famous oysters. Imabari's Towel Festival in summer celebrates the city's textile industry with parades and performances.

Relaxing in Hot Springs

After a day of exploring, visitors can relax in one of the many hot springs in the region. Miyoshi, Mihara, and Imabari all have their own hot spring resorts, offering visitors a chance to unwind and enjoy the scenic beauty of the region.


San-yuan Imabari Bus offers visitors a unique cultural experience, allowing them to explore three charming cities in southern Japan. From scenic beauty to traditional crafts and cuisine, there is something for everyone on this bus route. So, pack your bags and get ready to discover the beauty of "三原 今治 バス" in 2023.

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